In the framework of “Economic Freedom” program and ECPPS activities for awareness about budgeting transparency and participation, the third training held for “Raising the capacities of NGOs to interpret and analyze state budget and promote participation of citizens” for NGOs in Upper Egypt on Friday 16th of February 2018 at Cleopatra Hotel, EL-Minya Governorate. The training targeted representatives from different organizations to introduce for them the basics of budget and to contribute in the campaign “#Know_your_state_budget” in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and ECPPS to promote transparency and participation in the state budget. 

  In the framework of “Economic Freedom” program and ECPPS work with entrepreneurs and reforming the work environment of SMEs, ECPPs presented Mashro3y application in a public event in cooperation with MP. Manal Maher Al Gameel and Al-Korra NGO entitled “University Youth Forum” as a guide for entrepreneurs in Sohag government on Monday 12th of February 2018 at Sohag governorate; the forum was under the auspices of Eng.Khaled Abdelaziz Minister of Youth & Sports, Dr. Ayman Abdelmen'iem Sohag Governor and Dr. Ahmed Aziz Sohag University President, The public event targeted youth students from Sohag University to introduce the challenger facing entrepreneurship in Sohag. The speakers guests were Mr. Ahmed Abd El-Wahab; Director of “Economic Freedom” program at ECPPS, MP. Manal Maher Al Gameel; member in the parliament, Prof. Ahmed Aziz; the president of Sohag Univerity, and Prof. Hossam El-Badrawy; the director of “Takatof for Development association”. ECPPS had launched “Mashro3y” mobile application in cooperation with the German embassy to be used as manual for entrepreneurs in Egypt.

  In the framework of “Property Rights” program, ECPPS held a public meeting entitled “Methods of reforming the pricing system of lands in Egypt”, on Wednesday 31st of January, at ECPPS Office, in Bab El-Louq, Cairo. The public meeting is one of successive activities implemented by the “Property Rights” program and ECPPS to raise the awareness of decision-makers about importance of “Property Rights” and its effect on economic growth and developing legislations to achieve this goal.

 In the framework of Economic Freedom and Property Rights programs Advocacy team at the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies (ECPPS) met with MP. Hesham Emara the Economic Committee and supporting Egypt Coalition member and the head of Economic department at Damnhor University on Wednesday 24th January at EL-Ebdaa’ Center , Damnhor,Al-Behira.


 In the framework of “Economic Freedom” program and ECPPS work with entrepreneurs and reforming the work environment of small and medium enterprises, ECPPs launched Mashro3y application in a public meeting in cooperation with MP. Hala Abo El-Saad entitled “Launch your dream in investment and the benefits from Mashro3y application” as a Guide  for entrepreneurs in Al-Beheira government on Wednesday 24th of January 2018, at Ebdaa Center, Damanhour, Beheira governorate. 

 In the framework of “Economic freedom” program at ECPPS, a public meeting was held in cooperation with MP.Nancy Nosir Membr of SMEs Committee at the parliament and The Egyptian Association for Developing of Youth Enterprises at Suez governorate entitled “Qualifying youth in Suez for free business and small enterprises, and benefits from the mobile app “Mashro3y” on Tuesday 23rd of January 2018, at the Nile Center for media, Port-Tawfique, Suez Governorate. 

The advocacy team at the Egyptian center for public policy studies – ECPPS has held a meeting, Wednesday 24/1/2018 with MP Mohamed Khalifa, representative in the Egyptian parliament and member of the housing and urban communities committee, in accordance with the center’s property right program. The meeting was attended by researcher Adel Elhemaily of the property rights program, and was held the parliamentary committee at the House of Representatives; the meeting’s objective was to display the latest policy papers published by the Egyptian center concerned with the digital registration of lands and enhancing the land pricing system in Egypt, in addition to discussing the fittest methods of mutual cooperation between the center and the parliament.

 In Framework of the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies work on Property Rights and its continuous contribution in proposing recommendations and possible reforms to decision makers.

ECPPS Advocacy Team held a one-on-one meeting with MP/Ahmed Aly representative of Free Egyptians Party and member of Housing, Public Utilities and Reconstruction Committee at the Egyptian House of Representatives with the presence of Researcher Adel ElHemaily at ECPPS office, Bab ElLouq on Tuesday 16th of January 2018.

 In the framework of “Property Rights” program, ECPPS held a round table entitled “Pricing system of lands in Egypt and possible reforms” on Wednesday 16 January 2018 at ECPPS in Bab El-Louq, Cairo. The session was to discuss the policy paper published by ECPPS about the prices of lands in Egypt, the standards of pricing, proposing new systems for pricing and appraisal of lands to create a space for the government to regulate and plan for lands and allowing supervision of construction engineering on lands and buildings by government entities, civil society and private sector.

 In the framework the “Economic Freedom” program in ECPPS, and the center work on improvement and development of SMEs field in Egypt, “Mashroo’y” application launched in El-Gharbya governorate in cooperation with El-Emam association for development and MP. Mahmoud Shehata. This application which is launched months ago in cooperation German embassy in Cairo as a manual for entrepreneurs. The application was launched in public meeting entitled “Opportunities and Obstacles facing Entrepreneurs in Mahalla and how to benefit from Mashro3y App” was held on Thursday 28th of December 2017 at Engineers Club – El-Mahalla – ElGharbeya Governorate.

 In the framework of “Economic Freedom” program and ECPPS activities for awareness about budgeting transparency and participation, the second training held for “Raising the capacities of NGOs to interpret and analyze state budget and promote participation of citizens” for NGOs in Delta, marine and canal regions on Sunday 24th of December 2017 at ECPPS in Bab El-Louq, Cairo.

 In the framework of ECPPS continuous work to support SMEs business environment within its economic freedom program, along with ECPPS promoting for its mobile application “Mashrou3y” sponsored be The Republic of German Embassy, The Advocacy Team in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Abd-Elwahab (Economic Researcher at ECPPS) Met with MP. Nancy Nousier (member of  SMEs Committee at the Egyptian Parliament)for  Al Motamer Party. The Meeting took place on Tuesday 19th December, 2017 at the Egyptian Parliament.

 In the framework of the “Economic Freedom” program and ECPPS work on budgeting, participation and transparency, a training program for “Raising the MPs Staffers capacities to analyze and interpret state budget” was held on Monday 18 December 2017 at ECPPS, Bab El-Louq, Cairo. The training program targets MPs staffers to analyze the state budget to develop appropriate legislations in the parliament. The attendees were from different political parties such as; Free Egyptians Party, Mostaa’bal Watan party and El-Wafd Party. The speakers were Mr. Ahmed Abd El-Wahab; the researcher in ECPPS, and Mrs. Sarah Eid; Deputy of Fiscal Policy Unit in the Ministry of Finance, who talked about the ministry role in preparing the budget according to the citizens’ needs.

In the Framework of Economic Freedoms Program, and ECPPS’ work on budgeting, transparency and participation and out of our belief in the necessity of NGOs and citizens participation in their country’s budget.


 The 1st training of NGOs capacity building was held including NGOs from all Greater Cairo Region on Tuesday 12th December at ECPPS office, Bab Elouq, Wust Elbalad.


The attendees were from various civil society organizations such as (AlMashreq for population and development organization – Egyptian center for women rights’ – Rowad Elkheir – Heliopolis Research Center – Think Tank – The Egyptian Organization for development and peace).

 The element of land is considered to be one of the most important sources of wealth, and is considered by most as one of the most important methods of investment and income generation. Land is considered one of the main elements of production, ranging from converting it to real estate wealth, achieving food security and export surplus through planting and cultivation on it. And thus, land is considered to be one of the most valuable assets to be acquired, including in its dimensions the surface of it, its air space, and its soil, consequently providing the foundations for urban and industrial development, and a basis for survival or wealth.

In the framework of the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies on SMEs development in Egypt and as part of the Economic Freedom Program in which ECPPS launched Mashro3y App in collaboration with The German Embassy in Cairo.ECPPS held a Public event in cooperation with MP/Hala Abou ElSaad and under the supervision of Dr. Maged ElKamary, The President of Kafr ElSheikh University titled “The Role of SMES in Economic development" on Wednesday 6th of December 2017 at Kafr ElSheikh University.The public event witnessed a huge attendance of Kafr ElSheikh University active student groups to shed the light on the obstacles facing small and medium enterprises in their governorate and from ECPPS side, we presented how Mashro3y App can solve their needs specially in bridging the gap of information accessibility.

 This guide is a very important and unprecedented legal and legislative instrument concerning logistical support for journalists, especially with regard to supporting and clarifying the ways of handling legal and judicial situations associated with the practices of media and press, whether in relation to the direct practice of journalism, uncovering corruption and defending the rights of citizens; or to acts of reprisal (outside the law) by parties that journalism takes part in exposing their corruption and illegal activities.